Danny and Justin

our story

In January of 2022, Danny and Justin decided to embark on an adventure together dating back more than 20 years, finally creating a restaurant they had always dreamed of. Danny, a restaurateur, and Justin, an entrepreneur businessman, knew they had the key components to offer a unique food concept, "Quality Casual" Brick Oven Pizzeria.

Veronica's is named after a family member that sadly passed in 2014. She believed and instilled in the ones she loved many noble attributes; how precious family is, creating everlasting memories, and loving from the depths of your heart. To celebrate Veronica's love of family, friends, and life, the vision of Veronica's Brick Oven Pizzeria became a reality.

We strive to give you our best to surpass your expectations, serve you authentic, creative, and fresh food made with love, and value customer loyalty by remembering that your business is the blessing that makes ours possible.

Our dream is to create memories through food made with love. We hope your experience with us is worth your memories and that you feel inspired to share them with family and friends.